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Get everyone involved in the story

You know how to use Zahmoo to record stories for your business, your community, your family. But how do you do that when you can’t meet with those people yourself? – and even more so when those people are scattered across the state, or even on the far side of the globe?

Zahmoo has a way to help you do this too, using what it calls ‘Mass Capture’. More precisely, it’s a way for those other people to capture their own text-stories in Zahmoo for you, via an internet-address that you publish to them.

To set up a mass-capture:

  • from anywhere in Zahmoo, click on Settings (in the main command-bar)
  • click on the Mass Captures button (below ‘Settings’)

You’ll now see this screen:

Fill in the details:

  • Name – the project-title that people will see
  • Introduction – some text to describe what kind of stories you want them to tell you
  • Finishing message – what they’ll see as a thank-you message when they’ve posted the story
  • Suggested tags – some example tags that they could use with the story
  • Closing date – the last date at which the published internat-address can be used

And you should end up with a screen something like this:

When you’re done, click on the Create Mass Capture button, and you’ll see a screen like this:

Copy the internet-address (URL) from the text-field (the small button to the right of the field will do this for you) and paste it into an email or Twitter-message or whatever to send to your storytellers.

When they paste that URL into their web-browser, they’ll see a screen like this:

They should then fill in the form as shown, with their contact-details at the top (the ‘Organisation’ field is optional, though often useful for communities and businesses), and then the story written as text in the large field in the middle of the screen with a story-name or story-title in the field below. They can also add to or edit the tags you’ve provided, and then add a one-line summary of where or from whom the story came.

When they’re done, they should click the Submit Story button, to send the story to your Zahmoo story-collection.

They can do this with as many stories as they like, using that same URL internet-address, until the closing-date for the mass-capture expires.

So there you are: a quick and easy Zahmoo way to get everyone involved in telling the story!


Image credit: Deanne by barbhiggins under a Creative Commons BY-2.0 licence.

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