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Easter in Antigua

Easter in Antigua Guatemala

Semana Santa – Holy Week – in Antigua, the former capital city of Guatemala. And this isn’t Disneyland, a made-up procession for tourists: this is a deeply-religious festival that goes back four centuries and more, and that brings together all of the different peoples of this place. That float of the virgin is a heavy burden, difficult to balance, difficult to control – and those women have all volunteered to carry it on their shoulders, throughout its long winding path through the cobbled city streets, as a personal expression of their faith.

A true story: a story of people, place, time, events and meaning.

Yet if you’re in that procession, how do you hold to the truth of that story, when all around you are tourists and others, jumping and jostling, thrusting their cameras in your face?¬†How do you hold the meaning, when others around you see only the spectacle, but not the story?

And if you’re a tourist there, what do you need to help you see beyond the spectacle to the deeper story? How can you connect with the stories behind the story – and the stories beyond those stories too?

Whilst you travel, use Zahmoo to help you capture and share all those stories, in text, in video and in sound. There’s a lot of meaning there…

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