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What sort of stories should we put in our family story bank?

Every family has its big stories: the comedies and tragedies, the births, deaths, and marriages. These are a great place to start. No matter how mundane they might seem to you,  a child will always be interested in what happened on the day they were born, the day their parents were married, the day their parents were born. These are the stuff of everyday drama, the things that are really important to us.

Start with birth or adoption stories. Make a list of all the people in the family. Find the earliest photo you have of each individual. Scan them in and upload them to your Zahmoo story bank with each person’s name and date of birth. Then you need a quick little story to accompany each.

You can write a line or two about the time of day, who their parents were, who was present at the birth, if someone was late, if there were any complications or tense moments. If you prefer, you can use a voice recorder or video camera to record each story. See our tips on making your recordings (sound and video) as good quality as you can without having to buy expensive equipment.

And just like that your story bank has started and you can move onto the next step: Getting your family involved and contributing.

April 28th, 2011 by Sarah Jansen
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