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Why storytelling anyway?

Since the first humans gathered around a fire, we have been telling stories. Since we first figured out how to make markings, we have been recording them for future generations. Telling stories is fundamental to how we make sense of this often confusing world, how construct our identities, and how we tell each other who we are.

It doesn’t matter what medium we use. We’ve gone from fireside tales and cave paintings to making music; to painting then photography; publishing books and magazines; theatre; then onto recording music and making films; and now we have all the many and varied forms of transmedia—video, sound art, internet art,

Now we have Zahmoo to harness the powerful potential of the internet to help us make sense of all the options we have and organise our stories for the future.

All this means that you can choose whatever medium or mediums you feel the most comfortable in to tell your stories, or the mediums that suit each story, for example, using a video or sound recording might be better to capture a toddler telling a story but written words might be better to record vignettes of your teenage years. The beauty of it is that you and your family can choose from so many options.

Image credit: Film roll 1 by Travis Hornung under a Creative Commons Attribution only licence

May 11th, 2011 by Sarah Jansen
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