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What’s in a name?

We have been asked a few times now where we got the name Zahmoo, so we thought we would tell you the story.

It’s completely made up.

The people at Anecdote who created Zahmoo were brainstorming names for this new tool they had created when they came across a post by entrepreneur/author Seth Godin on his ridiculously popular blog about strategies for naming internet products.

Seth said that it’s best to use an unusual name, even something that utterly unique, so it’s easy for people to find through search engines. He also says to name things beginning with an A or a Z because people tend to notice the beginnings and ends of lists.

Anecdote found elsewhere that people tend to respond well to long, sonorous sounds like the ones in Google and Yahoo.

Shawn’s 11 year old daughter was playing around with a bunch of sounds and came up with Zahmoo.

And that’s how we got to “Zahmoo”.

August 29th, 2011 by Sarah Jansen
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