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Stories of loss

“Alas! – a great tragedy! Oh woe is me! My favourite breakfast cereal is no longer being made – and that’s the very end of the very last box… what on earth will I do now? How dare they do this to me?”

Few people enjoy having any form of change thrust upon them from outside: and even a tale as trivial as this one can feel traumatic at the time.

Where’s there’s a change, there’s often a conflict: and where there’s conflict of any kind, there’s usually a story.

So capture that story, with Zahmoo.

We already have the story-trigger – ‘something unexpected happened’ – so look for the other keys for story:

  • the people
  • the place, and other┬ácontext for the story
  • the events, the structure and sequence of ‘what happened next’

And the other theme to watch for – especially in a change-story such as this – is the lessons-learned. If any, of course:

“Down at the supermarket, found another cereal in five minutes flat. No trouble at all. Really, y’know, some people do make such a fuss about these things, don’t they?”

We might smile at this, or grit our teeth, but at least we still have the story…!

February 23rd, 2012 by Zahmoo
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