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Images and stories

Twice this week I’ve been sent an email with a ’round the dinner-table’ photo, as a memento of where I’ve been – one from a business-meeting in Austria, the other from a family gathering in south-west England. Each of these photos describes a real story in itself. But what can I do with them, and so many other shared-story photos, to protect each story from becoming lost over time in the fog of memory and the depths of the endless email-blizzard?

Zahmoo to the rescue, of course! Here’s the process, step by step. (Dependent on your email-client or camera-software, you may need to save the photo-file on your system before you do this.)

Open an appropriate story-collection within your Zahmoo story-bank.

Click on the ‘New story’ button. This opens the ‘New story’ edit-form.

In the ‘Story Type’ line, click on the ‘Images’ button. The form-layout changes to an image-edit form.

Click on ‘Add image’ to open the image-upload dialog-box. Select and upload your photo from the file-system in the usual way for your browser. (You can repeat this if you wish, to add more photos to the same story-record.)

Add an appropriate name, tags and source in the other fields of the form, as usual in Zahmoo. If you want to link this to a text-description – which we’d recommend you do – then you might want to define and enter linking-tags for this purpose.

Click on the ‘Save story’ button to save the image as a self-contained ‘story’. This brings you back to the story-collection list, with your new story now shown at the end of the list.

To create a linked text-story record, click on the link for the new image-story that you’ve just saved. This opens the details-view for the image-story.

In the row of buttons to the right of the story-title, click ‘New Related Story’. This opens the usual ‘New story’ edit-form, with its default of a text-story.

Add whatever details you want in the respective fields – name, text, tags and source. The name, source and tags should usually be the same or similar to those you’ve used for the photo story-record. In the text-field, describe the context of the photo, with our usual story-items: people, place, events, what happened and why, what it meant, and so on. This is also a good place to record what didn’t happen, or who wasn’t there, or anything else important that isn’t identifiable from the photo alone.

Click on the ‘Save story’ button. Again, this new story will be shown at the end of the story-collection list.

If you click on either of these new story-records, the link to the other story-record will be listed over on the right-hand side of the detail-page.

(See the posts ‘Linking between stories in Zahmoo‘ and ‘Tags, comments and links‘ for other ways to create connections between story-records.)

Use your Zahmoo story-bank to capture and keep those stories safe, before they disappear into the depths of your everyday email and photo collections!

Image credit: 48 around the dining table by David (Davo) Smith under a Creative Commons BY-SA-2.0 licence.

October 1st, 2012 by Zahmoo
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